The Satoyama Initiative and the Green Economy

06/18/2012 14:30
06/18/2012 16:00

Organizers: Ministry of the Environment Japan, IPSI Secretariat (UNU-IAS)

Date: Monday, 18 June 2012

Time: 14:30–16:00

Venue: Japan Pavilion

Partners: Government of Japan, UN University, UN Development Programme, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)

The Satoyama Initiative is a comprehensive effort to benefit biodiversity and human well-being through promoting the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in human-influenced natural environments. The Initiative has demonstrated global appeal across sectors and was specifically recognized in 2010 at CBD COP10. Human-influenced natural environments or socio-ecological production landscapes (SEPLs) are found all around the world; they have been formed and maintained through sustainable land use, and support human life by providing various goods and services.

During the side event, there will be presentations by leading experts and an in-depth panel discussion examining the effectiveness and usefulness of the Satoyama Initiative. Particular emphasis will be placed on the development of new business models based on sustainable land use including mosaic landscape management. Read more