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Please read the ASB data sharing policy (approved ASB GSG 13th 2004) and the ASB protocol for interviewing subjects (approved ASB GSG 13th 2004) 3. See prototype data set catalogue: Carbon Stock


Available Datasets


1. Functional Values of Biodiversity project datasets


2. Integrated Assessment of Land-use alternatives

2.1 Country reports

2.1.1. Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn in Brazil

Global Environmental Concerns

Carbon Sequestration
Greenhouse gas emissions
Above-ground biodiversity
Below-ground biodiversity

Agronomic Sustainability

Soil structure
Nutrient balance
Crop protection

Adoption Potential of Alternative Land Use Systems

Labor requirements
Institutional requirements and food security

Tradeoffs Between Objectives

Prospects for intensifying land use while protecting forests
Modeling land use systems

Promoting Sustainable Intensification

Entry points for policy action
Evaluation of options: farm-level bio-economic model
Evaluation of options: economy-wide model

Impact: Local Action, Global Lessons

Technology and policy breakthroughs
Lessons for other forest margin settings


 2.1.2. Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn in Cameroon

Global Environmental Parameters of the Cameroon ASB Land Use Systems
Agronomic Sustainability of ASB Cameroon Land Use Systems
Adoption Potential of Land Use Systems
Tradeoffs Between Global Environmental Benefits, Agricultural Sustainability and Adoption Criteria
Trends in Land-Use Patterns and Impacts
Land Use Shifts, Land Use Mosaics and Policy

2.1.3. Alternatives To Slash-And-Burn In Indonesia

Biophysical and socioeconomic context for assessment of land use alternatives
Global environmental impacts: criteria and indicator
Sustainability indicators for land uses following forest conversion
Local and national concerns: criteria and indicators
Linking global environmental benefits to sustainable land use alternatives
Development of policy & institutional option

2.2 Thematic reports

2.2.1. Impact of different land uses on biodiversity

Executive summary
Above-ground, ecoregional benchmark surveys

An Intensive Biodiversity Baseline Study in Jambi Province,Central Sumatra, Indonesia

Soil Properties And Carbon Stocks
Summary Of Plant-Based Indicators Of Biodiversity And Soil Nutrient Availability
Summary And Overview
Rapid Vegetation Survey
Vegetation And Land Use Types
Survey Of Mammals On Different Land Use Types
Canopy Arthropods And Butterfly Survey
Ground-Dwelling Ants, Termites, Other Macroarthropods And Earthworms
Species Richness, Functional Diversity And Relative Abundance Of Termites Under Different Land Use Regimes
Snail Fauna Under Varying Land Use Types

Biodiversity and Productivity Assessment for Sustainable Agroforest Ecosystems

Mbalmayo, Cameroon
Potential use of plant species for soil improvement in Mali and Burkina Faso
Mae Chaem, Northern Thailand
Impact of Oil Plam Plantations on biodiversityJambi, Central Sumatra, Indonesia

 2.2.2 Carbon Sequestration And Trace Gas Emissions

Strategic Information On Changes In Carbon Stocks And Land-Use
Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Slash-And-Burn And Alternative Land Uses At The Benchmark Sites
Assessment Of Land-Rehabilitation Techniques For Increasing Carbon Sequestration
The Next Phase Of Carbon Stock And Greenhouse Gas Emission Research For ASB

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