Transforming REDD and achieving the SDGs through support for adaptation-mitigation synergy


On the way to the UNFCCC COP 21 in Paris (Dec. 2015), the issue has arisen at what level in the proposed agreement the past REDD+ learning phase should be reflected: i) as part of definitions in article 1, or ii) (only) as a relevant objective that is part of the spectrum of anthropogenic climate modifiers that needs to be controlled, but without a specific agreed mechanism? Elsewhere in the negotiations, the urgency was noted for the provision of adequate, predictable and sustainable financial resources for the implementation of REDD+ activities. The choice appears to be between a focus on nationally prioritized climate actions integrated in broader Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framing, or a project-scale set of piece-meal interventions in selected locations with questionable effect on global emission reduction due to its source of finance. We propose climate-smart landscape approaches that simultaneously embrace mitigation and adaptation policies and programs...

van Noordwijk, M; Minang, P.A; Dewi, S; Duguma, L.; Bernard, F.;
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Publication Type: Policy Brief
Year Published: 2015