Stopping haze when it rains: lessons learnt in 20 years of Alternatives-to-Slash-and-Burn research in Indonesia


At the Rio conference in 1992 where global conventions on climate change and biodiversity were adopted, the seeds were sown for a globally supported effort in and by Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cameroon, Brazil and Peru to identify, support and implement ‘alternatives to slash-and-burn’. More than 20 years of research and action have brought new insights, but the issues are still on the agenda. Every episode with haze and land-clearing fires draws the attention of policy makers but once the rains come the urgency of change is forgotten.

Hesti, Tata.; van Noordwijk, M.; Sakuntaladewi, N.; Lukas, R.; , ; Augustinus, P.; Adi, S.; Widayati, A.;
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Publication Type: Policy Brief
Year Published: 2015