SECURED Landscapes: Performance, Reporting and Verification


Investors of all kinds require hard data on which to base and justify their allocation of capital. This requires effective and efficient monitoring and evaluation. A review of existing measuring, reporting and verification (MRV) systems reveals that there is no universally accepted way of providing the data required. The review also reveals that the indicators which are used to evaluate projects must be carefully selected in line with both the goals of the project and the wider requirements for results that are comparable with other projects. The concept of the Field Monitoring System (FMS) is introduced as a tool to generate robust, verified data which meets the requirements of investors in monitoring and evaluating positive social, environmental and financial changes at the landscape level.

Alforte, A.; Angan, J.; Bowie, B.; Dentith, J.; Garcia, K.; Murday, S.; Yangye, K.;
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Publication Type: Report
Year Published: 2014