The Private Sector in the REDD+ Supply Chain: Trends, challenges and opportunities (Report)


The ASB Partnership for the Tropical Forest Margins and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) explored the role of the private sector in REDD+ under a three-year REDD+ capacity-building initiative supported by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation. Using the REDD+ supply chain as an analytical framework and drawing on information gathered through expert meetings and interviews with over 40 developing-country REDD+ decision-makers and implementers, the research examined: • In the REDD+ supply chain, who are the private sector players and what are their motivations and types of interventions? • What are the current challenges for private sector engagement in REDD+? • How can private sector engagement in REDD+ be enhanced? The intended outcome of the research is to increase the scope and scale of effective private sector involvement in REDD+. The complete analysis is available in the policy paper, The Private Sector in the REDD+ Supply Chain: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities.

Bernard, F.; McFatridge, S.; Minang’, P.; Bernard, F.;
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Publication Type: Report
Year Published: 2012