Peat and land clearing fires in Indonesia in 2015: Lessons for polycentric governance


Beyond carbon-dioxide emissions that made Indonesia surpass the USA and approach the number one spot China has in global emission ranking, the haze caused major disruptions of lives in many parts of Indonesia and its neighbours. Now that rains have returned, the public debate should not return to business as usual if we are to avoid further record-breaking episodes. We offer a number of ‘key findings’ and ‘implications’ that are based on long term engagement in the landscapes of concern (see ASB-PB’s 16, 21, 33, 36 and 45 for backgrounds).

Sonya, D.; van Noorddwijk, M.; Dwiputra, A.; Tata, H.L.; Ekadinata, A.; Galudra, G.; Sakuntaladewi, N.; Widayati, A.;
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Publication Type: Policy Brief
Year Published: 2015