Lessons learnt for operationalization of REDD+ in the Kasigau Corridor project of Kenya

The private-sector-driven Kasigau Corridor (KC) REDD+ project was the world’s first registered REDD+ project issued with Verified Carbon Units (VCU) under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and is one of the few REDD+ projects currently selling REDD+ carbon credits on the voluntary market. This policy brief reveals a number of significant, innovative, and proof of- concept domains from the KC REDD+ project that made it successful in delivering climate, community and biodiversity benefits. Many project managers will likely find this example informative and replicable as they design and implement new REDD+ initiatives. This includes for instance bundling REDD+ implementation with community level employment opportunities, adaptation and application of conservation easements on private lands in the context of REDD+, the design and implementation of benefit-sharing mechanisms and demonstrating potential ways of negotiating and obtaining upfront finance for REDD+. The project also provides a number of critical lessons for REDD+ in general such as REDD+ potential in dryland ecosystems, the importance of the private sector in REDD+ and the importance of subnational-level projects moving towards national level programmes.

Bernard, F.; Adkins, B.;
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Publication Type: Policy Brief
Year Published: 2014