Effects of Land use Change on Belowground Biodiversity.


Although not apparent to the naked eye, soil is actually one of the most diverse habitats on earth! It contains one of the most diverse assemblages of living organisms known to us, and the issues relating to belowground biodiversity (BGBD) are the same as those related to its more visible counterpart aboveground. Its lower visibility, however, has led to less attention being paid to it in the past, especially as there is an absence of ’charismatic’ species that attract attention. Yet, belowground biodiversity may be of direct relevance to the health of crops, trees and other plants that are desirable to man. So, special attention to the belowground parts of biodiversity may be justified.

K. Hairiah, Williams, S. E., Bignell, D., Swift, M., and van Noordwijk, M., Effects of Land use Change on Belowground Biodiversity., ASB Lecture Note 6A. World Agroforestry Centre - ICRAF, SEA Regional Office, Bogor, Indonesia, p. 42, 2001.

Hairiah, K; Williams, S.E.; Bignell, D.; Swift, M.; van Noordwijk, M; @cgiar.org, asb;
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Publication Type: Lecture Notes
Year Published: 2001