Confronting Land Degradation in Africa: Challenges For the Next Decade.


This chapter presents five challenges for integrated natural resource management research at the World Agroforestry Centre within the theme of Land and People: 1. What are the determinants of the adaptive and adoptive advantages of the available technological options for sustainable soil fertility management? 2. How can the functions of the soil community be optimized with respect to different ecosystem services? 3. What are the trade-offs between the storage of organic matter in the soil (to counter climate change effects of gaseous emissions) and its use to drive nutrient cycling, crop production and other ecosystem services? 4. What are the key questions arising from interactions in the chain linking resource management–system intensification–market access–policy? 5. What are the rules governing cross-scale transitions in natural resource management? These issues will require both holistic and reductionist interdisciplinary methodologies working across a range of scales, but many of the necessary tools have been put in place during previous work.

M. Swift, Stroud, A., Shepherd, K., Albrecht, A., Batiano, A., Mafongoya, P., Place, F., Tomich, T., Vanlauwe, B., Verchot, L., and Walsh, M., Confronting Land Degradation in Africa: Challenges For the Next Decade., in World Agroforestry into the Future., asb Nairobi, Kenya: World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), 2006, pp. 43-51.

Swift, M.; Stroud, A; Shepherd, K.; Albrecht, A.; Batiano, A.; Mafongoya, P.; Place, F.; Tomich, T; Vanlauwe, B.; Verchot, L; Walsh, M.;, asb;
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Publication Type: Book Chapter
Year Published: 2006