Community forestry as a green economy pathway: two decades of learning in Cameroon


Community Forestry (CF) was introduced in Cameroon through an extensive forestry reform process in the early 1990s. The objectives at the time were three-fold: to grant communities rights to surrounding forests, enable them improve their livelihoods, and to promote sustainable forest management. In this brief, we review the CF initiative progress through a detailed analysis of about 100 publications and explore ways in which community forestry can serve as an engine for a viable sustainable green economy pathway in Cameroon. Twenty years on, about 450 CFs exist in the country, 285 of which have final management agreements. This suggests relatively good success in the first objective of granting community rights to forests. Results on the livelihood and sustainable forest management objectives have been mixed.

Minang, P.; Duguma, L.; Mandiefe, S.; Foundjem, D.; Tchoundjeu, Z.;
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Publication Type: Policy Brief
Year Published: 2018