Resources and Impact

Key Resources

Climate Smart Landscapes: Multifunctionality in Practice. This book provides an overview of theoretical concepts, frameworks, tools, methods and examples for the application of landscape approaches. This book has filled a significant knowledge gap providing an invaluable resource for policy makers, practitioners and researchers alike for actual application of landscape approaches.

LUWES- Land use planning for LowEmission Development Strategy. Land Use Planning for Low Emission Development Strategy (LUWES) is a platform for developing a multiple stakeholder decision-making process to establish land use plans for sustainable development, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from land-based activity while simultaneously maintaining economic growth. It can simulate emissions reduction scenarios within specific zones of a landscape, or across an entire landscape, in order to produce ex ante emissions reduction and opportunity cost forecasts.

The strategy is currently being implemented in all provinces in Indonesia, and also being piloted in other countries –Vietnam, Cameroon and Peru where training and initial studies for implementation and scale up are being conducted.

Partnership in the Tropical Forest Margins: a 20-year journey in Search of Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn. This book synthesizes ASB’s work over the past 20 years based upon all of the policy briefs that have been published over this period of time. This included a large number of policy briefs which have been published as a result of the REALU I, REALU II and SECURED Landscapes projects.

Negotiation-support toolkit for learning landscapes. This book provides guidance is given on how the support of negotiations between stakeholders over crucial landscape issues can be organized in a multidisciplinary, multi-skilled team with awareness of the need for, and challenges of, communication across multiple knowledge systems, attitudes, skills and aspirations.