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2015 Estudiando el mercado de carbono forestal en el Perú Evaluación de actores: intereses y limitaciones para inversiones en proyectos de carbono forestal Download
Mayimba CA, Biloso A, Mafolo J, Bernard F, Minang PA 2015 Contribution de l’Agroforesterie à la REDD+ pour une gestion durable des paysages en République Démocratique du Congo : Etat des lieux de l’exploitation des forêts autour de Kinshasa Download
Alforte A, Angan J, Bowie B, Dentith J, Garcia K, Murday S, Yangye K 2014 SECURED Landscapes: Performance, Reporting and Verification Download
2014 Secured Landscapes: Financial Modeling for Sustainable Use Download
Munden. 2014 Patterns of Investing in Sustainable Landscapes: Investors and Investment Vehicles in Developing Countries Download
Bernard F, Minang PA, van Noordwijk M, Freeman OE, Duguma LA, (Eds) 2013 Towards a Landscape Approach for Reducing Emissions: A Substantive Report of the Reducing Emissions from All Land Uses (REALU) Project Download
Bernard F, McFatridge S, Minang' PA 2012 The Private Sector in the REDD+ Supply Chain: Trends, challenges and opportunities (Report) Download
Boyle J, Murphy D 2012 Designing Effective REDD+ Safeguard Information Systems: Building on existing systems and country experiences (Report) Download
IISD, ASB-ICRAF 2012 Building REDD+ Policy Capacity for Developing Country Negotiators and Land Managers Phase III: Lessons learned Download
2011 Review of current tools and methods for REDD+ and REALU value chains Download