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Lasco RD, Veridiano RKA, Habito M, Pulhin FB 2012 Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation plus (REDD+) in the Philippines: will it make a difference in financing forest development? Download
Mala WA, Geldenhuys CJ, Prabhu R 2012 Perceptions of Climate Variability and Pest–Disease Incidence on Crops and Adaptive Forest–Agricultural Practices
Minang PA, van Noordwijk M 2012 Design challenges for achieving reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation through conservation: Leveraging multiple paradigms at the tropical forest margins
Minh Ha HM, Hoan DT, Pham MT, van Noordwijk M, Minang PA 2012 Benefit distribution across scales to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) in Vietnam Download
IISD, ASB-ICRAF 2012 Building REDD+ Policy Capacity for Developing Country Negotiators and Land Managers Phase III: Lessons learned Download
IISD, ASB-ICRAF 2012 Defining REDD+ Success: Expert workshop on safeguard information systems and private sector engagement (Main messages) Download
Robiglio V, Lescuyer G, Cerutti P 2012 From Farmers to Loggers: The Role of Shifting Cultivation Landscapes in Timber Production in Cameroon
Dewi S, van Noordwijk M, Minang' P 2012 Reference Emission Levels (REL) in the context of REDD and land-based NAMAs: forest transition stages can inform nested negotiations Download
Minang PA, van Noordwijk M, Gockowski J 2011 Carbon trade-offs along tropical forest margins: Lessons from ASB work in Cameroon Download
2011 Reducing Emissions from All Land Uses (REALU) - a whole landscape approach to reducing emissions Download