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Minang PA, Bernard F, van Noordwijk M, Kahurani E 2011 Agroforestry in REDD+: Opportunities and Challenges Download
Total Downloads:0
Meyfroidt P, van Noordwijk M, Minang PA, Dewi S, Lambin EF 2011 Drivers and consequences of tropical forest transitions: options to bypass land degradation? Download
Total Downloads:0
Santos-Martin F, Bertomeu M, van Noordwijk M, Navarro R 2011 Why smallholders plant native timber trees away from the forest margin : Lessons from Leyte, the Philippines Download
Total Downloads:0
Robiglio V, Minang PA, Asare R 2011 On-farm timber production for emission reduction with sustainable benefits at the tropical forest margins Download
Total Downloads:3
Tata HL, Widayati A, Mulyoutami E, van Noordwijk M 2011 Co-existence of people and orangutan in Sumatra -Stabilising gradients for landscape multifunctionality Download
Total Downloads:0
Villamor G, van Noordwijk M 2011 Social Role-Play Games Vs Individual Perceptions of Conservation and PES Agreements for Maintaining Rubber Agroforests in Jambi (Sumatra), Indonesia Download
Total Downloads:0
van Noordwijk M, Catacutan D, Clark WC 2011 Linking Scientific Knowledge with Policy Action in Natural Resource Management. Download
Total Downloads:2
Clark WC, Tomich PT, van Noordwijk M, Guston D, Catacutan D, Dickson NM, McNie E 2011 Boundary work for sustainable development: Natural resource management at the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). Download
Total Downloads:0
Boyle J, Bernard F, Murphy D 2011 REDD Development Dividend Task Force Meeting Report. Download
Total Downloads:1
Bernard F, Minang PA 2011 Strengthening Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) for REDD+. Download
Total Downloads:0