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Agung P, Galudra G, van Noordwijk M, Maryani R 2014 Reform or reversal: the impact of REDD+ readiness on forest governance in Indonesia Download
Bernard F, Adkins B 2014 Lessons learnt for operationalization of REDD+ in the Kasigau Corridor project of Kenya Download
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Hyman G, Robiglio V, Silva C, White D 2014 Planificacion para el desarrollo bajo en emisiones en Ucayali, Peru Download
Hyman G, Robiglio V, Silva C, White D 2014 Planning for low-emissions development in Ucayali, Peru Download
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Alemagi D, Duguma LA, Minang PA, Nkeumoe F, Feudjio M, Tchoundjeu Z 2014 Intensification of Cocoa Agroforestry systems as a REDD+ strategy in Cameroon: Hurdles, Motivations, and Challenges Download
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