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Villamor GB, Desrianti F, Akiefnawati R, Amaruzaman S, van Noordwijk M 2013 Gender influences decisions to change land use practices in the tropical forest margins of Jambi, Indonesia
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Lusiana B, van Noordwijk M, Johana F, Galudra G, Suyanto, Cadisch G 2013 Implications of uncertainty and scale in carbon emission estimates on locally appropriate designs to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD+)
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Danielsen F, Adrian T, Brofeldt S, van Noordwijk M, Poulsen K, Rahayu S, Rutishauser E, Theilade I, Widayati A, et al 2013 Community monitoring for REDD+: international promises and field realities Download
Total Downloads:0
H B, van Andel J, Werger MJ, van M. N 2013 Ferns as indicators of habitat quality in (agro)forest in Sumatra Download
Total Downloads:15
Nguyen TH, Catacutan DC, Do TH, Nguyen MP 2013 What drives reforestation in VietNam? Download
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Bernard F, Minang PA, van Noordwijk M, Freeman OE, Duguma LA, (Eds) 2013 Towards a Landscape Approach for Reducing Emissions: A Substantive Report of the Reducing Emissions from All Land Uses (REALU) Project Download
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Do TH, Catacutan DC, Mulia R, Jindal R 2013 How feasible is a landscape approach to REDD+ in Vietnam? Download
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Duguma LA, Minang PA, Kimaro AA, Otsyina R, Mpanda M 2013 Climate Smart Landscapes:Integrating Mitigation, Adaptation and Development in Shinyanga Region, Tanzania Download
Total Downloads:0
Yemefack M, Alemagi D, Duguma LA, Minang PA, Tchoundjeu Z 2013 Linking development pathways and emission reduction at local levels Download
Total Downloads:14
Agung P, Dewi S, Johana F, Ekadinata A 2013 Land-use planning for low-emission development strategies (LUWES) Download
Total Downloads:11