Natural forest remnants on the road to Brazil, Madre de Dios province, Peru
ASB research in the western Amazon focuses on the causes and consequences of smallholder slash-and-burn agriculture, drawing upon studies from benchmark sites in Brazil and Peru.

The Amazon Basin, an area of approximately 7.5 million km2 that covers over 40% of the South American continent, and is home to the world's largest remaining tracts of tropical rainforests. A habitat to the world's largest annual loss of tropical forests as increasing areas of forest are converted each year to make way for agricultural, cattle-ranching and logging activities.

ASB currently works in Peru and has also worked in Brazil to identify and develop land-use options that can improve the livelihoods of rural families while preserving the Amazon's remaining forests.

As the main vehicle for ASB activities in the region, ASB has partnered with the Amazon Initiative. 


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