A collection of articles featured in the media about science and policy developments on land use, livelihoods, and climate change in the tropical forest margins, featuring ASB research.

In an interview with Climate Change TV at Cancun during COP16, Dr. Meine explains how the REDD line is wrongly drawn between forests and non-forests. Watch video

The use of trees on farms helps in arresting carbon from the atmosphere, while building resilience against climate change as well as increasing food security and farmers’ income. “Promoting agroforestry within REDD+ policies could help address drivers of deforestation,” said Dr. Peter Minang, the Global Coordinator of the Alternative to Slash and Burn (ASB) Partnership for Tropical Forest Margins in a press statement recently. Read more

By Fahmuddin Agus and Meine van Noordwijk
The Jakarta Post

15 November 2007 - Jakarta | The estimated 2,000 million tons of CO2 emissions from its peatlands account for two-thirds of Indonesia's total emissions. Details of the numbers and calculations are uncertain and some would say controversial, but it is clear that Indonesia's status as a major emitter has something to do with these peatland emissions.