Estimating the Opportunity Costs of REDD+.

TitleEstimating the Opportunity Costs of REDD+.
Publication TypeManuals
PublisherWorld Bank
Place PublishedWashington, DC
Year of Publication2011
Publication LanguageEnglish
AbstractThe manual shares hands-on experiences from field programs and presents the essential practical and theoretical steps, methods and tools to estimate the opportunity costs of REDD+ at the national level. The manual addresses the calculation of costs and benefits of the various land use alternatives in relation to their carbon stocks. As required data are generally not readily available, the manual also includes information on data collection, analysis and evaluation techniques. Although sections of the manual are relevant for sub national or project analysis, it is not intended to calculate compensation for farmers or landowners at a given site.
KeywordsAmazon, Brazil, Cameroon, congo_basin, IISD-REDD, Indonesia, Opcost, Peru, REDD Countries worldbank, REDD+, REDD-ALERT, reducing emissions, SEA
URL 3_low-res.pdf
Citation Key2039


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