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ASB's e-newsletter shares the latest news, journal articles, and events relating to the effects of land use and landscape management on livelihoods and environmental services in the tropical forest margins.

We cover new research and research outputs, methods, empirical results, and general implications of research for policy and programme design, as well as the debates about REDD - Reduced Emissions from Deforestation in Developing Countries and agriculture within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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 #17 - April 2010 Learning by doing: practical approaches to REDD-plus
 #16 - January 2010 Where do we go from here? REDD-plus and AFOLU after Copenhagen


#15 - August/
September 2009
Harnessing agroforestry on the road to Copenhagen
#14 - June/July 2009 Why agriculture needs to be part of a climate change deal
#13 - May 2009 Africa's Biocarbon is key to mitigating climate change and benefiting millions of smallholder farmers
#12 - April 2009 ASB Scientists Support the Africa Biocarbon Initiative
#11 - March 2009 ASB endorses call for US leadership on Forests and Climate Protection
#10 - January 2009 What's Crucial for REDD Success?


#9 - Nov/Dec 2008 REDD Strategies for High Carbon Rural Development
#8 - October 2008 Financing Global Forests
#7 - September 2008 African Perspectives on REDD: Reflections from recent regional fora
#6 - August 2008 From hoes to bulldozers: has there been a fundamental shift in the drivers of land-use change in the tropics?
#5 - July 2008 Facing the realities of REDD
#4 - June 2008 Growing interest in Avoided Deforestation
#3 - May 2008 Forest and watersheds: addressing the tough questions
#2 - April 2008 ASB's climate change dividend
#1 - March 2008 Launching ASB e-news!