ASB Partnership for the Tropical Forest Margins

ASB is the only global partnership devoted entirely to research on the tropical forest margins.

ASB is a global partnership between international and national agricultural research institutes, universities, non-governmental organizations, community and farmers’ groups working to address climate change while at the same time improving livelihoods in the agriculture-forest landscape of the humid tropics

Our goal is to raise productivity and income of rural households in the humid tropics without increasing deforestation or undermining essential environmental services.


  • 1Reducing Emissions from All Land Uses:
    A whole-landscape approach to carbon management can reduce emissions and enhance livelihoods ..more 
  • 1Support to REDD+ negotiators and land managers
    Building negotiation and policy capacity ...more 
  • 2Africa Biocarbon initiative
    Agriculture as a climate change solution…more
    Linking global REDD policies with local reality.. more
  • 4 Opportunity Costs of Avoided Deforestation with Sustainable Benefits
    What are the economic benefits that farmers must give up in order to protect forests?...More

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Recent Publications
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