IUFRO Landscape Ecology conference

Sep 24th 2017 to Sep 29th 2017
Halle, Saale at the Science and Technolgy Campus

This year’s IUFRO Landscape Ecology conference (https://iufrole.wordpress.com/ will be in Halle, Saale at the Science and Technolgy Campus (http://uni-halle.virtiv.de/vtour/tour.html) in the Institute for Geosciences and Geography, September, 24 - 29, 2017, see: http://iufrole2017.eli-web.com.

Go here to get details on registration, conference location and accommodation: http://iufrole2017.eli-web.com/.

The conference offers an attractive programme with 19 sessions and additional training opportunities such as Guido´s toolbox, GISCAME and ForSYS (see: Conference Sessions + additional offers).

Also, please take note of the mid-term and end-excursion announced on the webpage - in case additional offers for side meetings are desired, please contact christine.fuerst@geo.uni-halle.de.