Drivers of deforestation: leverage points and REDD+ efficiency

06/10/2013 13:30
06/10/2013 15:30

This is a joint side event held on the sidelines of SBSTA 38 at the Center for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn, (Click here for directions) on Monday June 10, 13:30-15:30hrs.

Abstract: Drivers of deforestation are at the heart of any effort aimed at understanding and addressing deforestation. Drivers are often complex, dynamic and context-specific. Understanding the pathways —from underlying to proximate and the changes in magnitude and nature over time is extremely important in determining both the exact points along pathways and the potential for leverage on various drivers. Determining baselines and the combination of strategies to meet targets on avoiding deforestation including land sparing (sustainable intensification), land sharing (diversification and sharing among multiple functions) and land caring (investments and incentives in stewardship) would be largely determined by the nature of drivers of deforestation. This event explores some of the thinking around drivers as it relates to leverage points, baselines, REDD strategies and incentives. It presents some preliminary results of pan-tropical research on the same from Columbia, Indonesia, Viet Nam and the Congo Basin.

Remarks from the Chair: ZEF Director, Dr. Joachim von Braun (TBD)

Presentations (10 minutes each)

  1. From Montreal to Doha: The drivers of deforestation story - Peter A Minang, ASB Partnership for the Tropical Forest Margins
  2.  Systematic analysis of drivers of deforestation in Bolivia - Robert Müller, Göttingen University
  3.  Drivers, forest transitions and setting baselines - Sonya Dewi, ICRAF
  4. Environmental policies as drivers of deforestation in Brazil - Jan Börner, ZEF, University of Bonn
  5. Implications for sparing, sharing and caring - Meine van Noordwijk, ICRAF

Q & A (20 minutes)

Discussion and wrap-up (40 minutes)

 Refreshments will be served after the session.