Upland Rice Cultivars for Improved Acid Upland Rice-Based Farming Systems.

TitleUpland Rice Cultivars for Improved Acid Upland Rice-Based Farming Systems.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsMercado AR, Tion MM, Garrity D
JournalPhilippine Journal of Crop Science
Keywordsacid soils, cultivars, maize, multiple cropping, oryza, Oryza sativa, rice, variety trials, Zea mays
AbstractElite selections of several rice cultivars were evaluated on acidic (pH <5), infertile soils typical of the majority of acidic upland areas. Emphasis was placed on testing early-maturing cultivars to make it feasible to grow sequences of 2-3 crops per year. The selections IR 30716-B-1-B-1-2, IR 3880-2-3, IR 47686-6-2-2-1 and IR 12979-24-1 (Brown) were outstanding in consistency in yield across 5 years of trials, outperforming the released cv. UPL Ri-5, and local cv. Dinorado, Speaker and Kayatan. Tests under farmer management in rice-maize cropping systems confirmed these results. The use of early-maturing and high yielding upland rice cultivars significantly increased the total system productivity by promoting much higher yields of the following maize crop.