Tree-Soil-Crop Interactions in Sequential and Simultaneous Agroforestry Systems.

TitleTree-Soil-Crop Interactions in Sequential and Simultaneous Agroforestry Systems.
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1998
Authorsvan Noordwijk M, Hairiah K, Lusiana B, Cadisch G
Book TitleBergstrom L and Kirchmann H eds. Carbon and Nutrient Dynamics in Natural and Agricultural Tropical Ecosystems
PublisherCAB International.
CityWallingford, UK
Keywordsagriforestry, agro-forestry, agroforestry, Alley cropping, application rates, crop rotation, crops, fertilizers, interactions, intercropping, models, nutrient uptake, pruning, research, rotational cropping, rotations, soil, soil water content, spacing, studies, trees, woody plants, zonal cropping
AbstractConcepts and methods for studying tree-soil-crop interactions are reviewed and a long-term hedgerow intercropping study in Indonesia is presented. A model (WANULCAS), still under construction, which uses the STELLA II model representing a 4-layer soil profile, a water and N balance and uptake by a crop and a tree is described. The model allows for the evaluation of different pruning regimes, hedgerow spacings and rates of application of fertilizer. The description of water and nutrients uptake is based on root length densities, plant demand and the effective supply by diffusion at a given soil water content. The model is suitable for simultaneous and sequential agroforestry systems, incorporates management options and will be tested using the Lampung dataset.