Summary Report and Synthesis of Phase II in Cameroon.

TitleSummary Report and Synthesis of Phase II in Cameroon.
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsKotto-Same J, Moukam, A, Njomgang R, Tiki-Manga T, Tonye J, Diaw C, Gockowski J, Houser S, Weise S, Nwaga D, Zapfack L, Palm C
Series TitleASB Country Report
Date PublishedMarch 2000
InstitutionAlternatives to Slash-and-Burn Programme, ICRAF
CityNairobi, Kenya
KeywordsASB, Biodiversity, Carbon stocks, cocoa, coffee, Forest margins, land use, soil, tradeoffs
AbstractThis report presents results from ASB benchmark sites in the Yaounde, Mbalmayo, and Ebolowa regions in Cameroon. The report links global environmental benefits to sustainable alternatives to slash-and-burn in Cameroon, drawing on ASB Phase II assessments.