Seed Treatment for Albizia Species.

TitleSeed Treatment for Albizia Species.
Publication TypeWorking Paper
AuthorsJ. R
Secondary TitleInternational workshop on Albizia and Paraserianthes Species.
Tertiary TitleProceedings of a workshop held November 13-19, 1994, in Bislig, Surigao del Sur, Philippines.
Call NumberPP0047-04
PublisherWinrock International
Place PublishedMorrilton Arkansas, USA
Year of Publication1997
Publication LanguageEnglish
AbstractThe common seed treatment methods include cool-water soak, hot-water soak,acid soak, nicking, and no treatment. To determine which of these methods are appropriate for propagating albizia in community-level tree planting programs, a seed treatment study was conducted on Albizia lebbeck, A. procera, A. saman, and A. saponaria. Of the seed treatment methods tested, nicking was most effective at producing rapid, uniform seed germination and germinant development. Unfortunately, nicking is time-consuming and only practical for small to medium quantities of seed. Although inferior to nicking, the hot-water treatment also produced good results and is easily applied to large quantities of seed. When propagating large numbers of albizia seedlings, seed should be soaked in boiled water for 3 minutes followed by 24 hours in cool water. Stir seed during the hot-water soak. The volumes of hot and cold water should be five times the volume of seed.
Keywordsa procera, a saman, a saponaria, albizia species, seed
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