RUPES Typology of Environmental Services Worthy of Reward.

TitleRUPES Typology of Environmental Services Worthy of Reward.
Publication TypeWorking Paper
Authorsvan Noordwijk M
PublisherWorld Agroforestry Centre - ICRAF, SEA Regional Office
Place PublishedBogor, Indonesia
Year of Publication2005
Publication LanguageEnglish
AbstractThe development of transparent and sustainable reward mechanisms for environmental services provided by upland farmers to downstream communities requires clarity on the relationship between land use and the type of environmental services provided. In the context of the RUPES project (‘rewarding upland poor for the environmental services they provide’), a typology of environmental services is discussed that leads to the distinction of twelve ‘proto-types’ of situations where the upland-lowland relationship is focused on a specific environmental service function.
KeywordsFarmers, reward, RUPES, upland
Citation Key953