Root Distribution of Trees and Crops: Competition and/or Complementary.

TitleRoot Distribution of Trees and Crops: Competition and/or Complementary.
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1996
Authorsvan Noordwijk M, Lawson G, Soumare A, Groot JJR, Hairiah K
Book TitleTree-Crops Interactions: A Physiological Approach.
CityWallingford, UK.
ISBN Number0-85198-987-X
Keywordsagroforestry, agroforestry systems, agrosilvicultural systems, Alley cropping, annuals, crops, interactions, light, microclimate, mulches, plant competition, plant physiology, plant water relations, roots, shade, slopes, soil, Soil fertility, trees, water balance, woody plants
AbstractAgroforestry is rapidly being transformed from an empirical, largely anecdotal collection of beliefs and practices into an emerging science in the field of natural resource management. This book is a major contribution towards this goal, and is aimed at students, research workers and practitioners in agroforestry and applied plant physiology. The authors have applied principles of plant ecology and crop physiology to develop more precise approaches that quantify biological (tree-crop) interactions in agroforestry systems. The various models developed, particularly the tree-crop interactions equation, provide practical but rigorous approaches for both above- and below-ground processes. The book focuses on two basic resources: water and light. Tree-crop interactions for nutrients are not treated in depth as there are very few data on this subject.