Reforming the Reformists in Post-Soeharto Indonesia.

TitleReforming the Reformists in Post-Soeharto Indonesia.
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsFay C, Sirait M
Book TitleWhich Way Forward? People, forests, and Policymaking in Indonesia.
PublisherRFF Press
CityWashington, USA.
Keywordscivil rights, community forestry, community involvement, forest management, forest policy, forests, social participation, socioeconomics, state forests
AbstractThis paper contains discussions on: (1) the civil society demands for forestry reform and the recognition of customary rights; (2) forestry reform in the post-Suharto era (1st year); (3) the efforts to secure community forestry and customary rights in state forest areas; and (4) a potentially ground-breaking policy initiative from the National Land Agency in Indonesia.