Reclamation of Imperata Grassland using Agroforesty.

TitleReclamation of Imperata Grassland using Agroforesty.
Publication TypeLecture Notes
AuthorsHairiah K, van Noordwijk M, Purnomosidhi P
Secondary TitleSoutheast Asia Lecture Note 5
Place PublishedBogor, Indonesia
Year of Publication2000
Date PublishedDecember 2000
Publication LanguageEnglish
AbstractMankind has been creating, maintaining, and converting Imperata cylindrical grasslands for centuries. As human population increases, and forests disappear, many believe that these grasslands are a largely under-utilized resource. In S.E. Asia Imperata grasslands cover an estimated 35 million ha. A more intensive use of this area can increase their contribution to the local and national economies, and enhance their environmental services. The ‘Imperata issue’, however, has many aspects and naive simple solutions do not work.
KeywordsCarbon stocks, economies, environmental, fires, forests, grasslands, land use, tree tenure
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