Rapid Agrobiodiversity Appraisal (RABA) In the Context of Environmental Services Rewards.

TitleRapid Agrobiodiversity Appraisal (RABA) In the Context of Environmental Services Rewards.
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsKuncoro, S.; van Noordwijk, M.; Martini, E.; Saipothong, P.; Areskoug, V.; Putra, A.; O’Connor, T.
Series TitleCollection and Case Studies in Rubber Agroforests in Bungo District, Jambi, Indonesia and Fragmented Forest in Northern Thailand
Date PublishedJune 2005
InstitutionWorld Agroforestry Centre - ICRAF
KeywordsASB, Biodiversity, RABA, reward mechanism
AbstractAgriculture usually implies a loss of biodiversity. Yet, seen at larger temporal and spatial scale, many agricultural landscapes still contain substantial parts of the original biodiversity of pre-human vegetation – and allow for the expansion of flora and fauna of more open habitats. In other words, agriculture tends to operate in a ‘trade-off’ zone, where intensification tends to have financial benefits but ecological costs. Reward mechanisms that help ‘internalize’ the global benefits at the level of the farmer-decision maker are therefore relevant and necessary. Beyond this general need for rewards, however, we realize that location-specific appraisal is needed to develop reward mechanisms that are effective, efficient and transparent.
URLhttp://www.asb.cgiar.org/PDFwebdocs/RABA-report version submited2005Sept23.pdf