Rapid Agrobiodiversity Appraisal (RABA) In the Context of Environmental Services Rewards.

TitleRapid Agrobiodiversity Appraisal (RABA) In the Context of Environmental Services Rewards.
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsKuncoro S, van Noordwijk M, Martini E, Saipothong P, Areskoug V, Putra A, O’Connor T
Series TitleCollection and Case Studies in Rubber Agroforests in Bungo District, Jambi, Indonesia and Fragmented Forest in Northern Thailand
Date PublishedJune 2005
InstitutionWorld Agroforestry Centre - ICRAF
KeywordsASB, Biodiversity, RABA, reward mechanism
AbstractAgriculture usually implies a loss of biodiversity. Yet, seen at larger temporal and spatial scale, many agricultural landscapes still contain substantial parts of the original biodiversity of pre-human vegetation – and allow for the expansion of flora and fauna of more open habitats. In other words, agriculture tends to operate in a ‘trade-off’ zone, where intensification tends to have financial benefits but ecological costs. Reward mechanisms that help ‘internalize’ the global benefits at the level of the farmer-decision maker are therefore relevant and necessary. Beyond this general need for rewards, however, we realize that location-specific appraisal is needed to develop reward mechanisms that are effective, efficient and transparent.
URLhttp://www.asb.cgiar.org/PDFwebdocs/RABA-report version submited2005Sept23.pdf