Manual De Viveros Forestales Familiares.

TitleManual De Viveros Forestales Familiares.
Publication TypeManuals
AuthorsVidaurre H, Sotelo C, Weber J, Rocca L, Chávez J
PublisherCentro Internacional para la Investigación en Agroforestería
Place PublishedPucallpa, Peru
Year of Publication1999
Publication LanguageSpanish
AbstractThe nurseries are the first step in any reforestation program. They are defined as sites for the production of forest plants, where they are given all the care required to be transferred to the final planting site. The needs of nurseries in reforestation programs are basically in the nursery financial investment is minimal in terms of site preparation, fertilization and maintenance as well The nursery can have better control during the time of the production plants.
Keywordsforests, nurseries, planting, reforestation
Translated TitleFamily Forest Nursery Manual.
Citation Key880