Intensified Small-Scale Livestock Systems in the Western Brazilian Amazon.

TitleIntensified Small-Scale Livestock Systems in the Western Brazilian Amazon.
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsVosti S, Carpentier C, Witcover J, Valentim J
Book TitleAgricultural technologies and tropical deforestation
PublisherCAB International
CityWallingford, UK
KeywordsDeforestation, development policy, forests, Intensification, intensive livestock farming, labour requirements, land use, simulation models, technology transfer, Tropical forests
AbstractThis paper examines three basic questions regarding the use of more intensive livestock technologies by small-scale farmers in the western Brazilian Amazon. Are farmers likely to adopt them? Would it help protect the forest if they did? What would the effects on the farmers' welfare be? The various sections give: (1) a brief background on the Amazon, its development and the policies that have influenced development over the past few decades; (2) an overview of smallholder land use patterns in the western Brazilian Amazon, and the production systems that generate those patterns; (3) a description of selected livestock (cattle) production systems and their capital and labour requirements for establishment and management (including a discussion of these matters in relation to technology adoption and the links between intensification and deforestation); (4) a farm-level bioeconomic linear progamming model, and results of simulations assessing the adoptability and impact of more intensive pasture and cattle production systems paying special attention to land use (including deforestation), herd dynamics and household income; and (5) policy implications.