The Indonesian Agroforest Model Forest Resource Management and Biodiversity Conservation.

TitleThe Indonesian Agroforest Model Forest Resource Management and Biodiversity Conservation.
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsMichon G, de Foresta H
Book TitleConserving Biodiversity outside Protected Areas: The Role of Traditional Agro-Ecosystems.
CityGland, Switzerland
Call NumberBC0069-04
KeywordsBiodiversity, forest, Indonesia, model, resources
AbstractRural life in Indonesia is still greatly dependent on forests, although resource use by local populations often tends to be exploitative. While predation of in situ resources does exist, there are also interesting examples of conservative resource management outside natural forests by local populations throughout the archipelago. As native populations’ traditional access to natural forests’ becomes more and more limited, forest resources are often managed through an agro-forestry reconstruction of the ecosystem: the agro-forest. In the present context of degradation of natural ecosystems and of generalized dilapidation of , their resources, indigenous agro-forests reaffirm traditional responsibility over natural resources by native farmers and societies. Besides management of useful species, these agro-forests also allow conservation of a good part of animal and plant diversity. In Sumatra, results of a comparative study on biodiversity levels between natural forests, several agro-forests and monospecific plantations show the high potential of this original type of resource management system in conserving forest biodiversity in agricultural lands.