ICRAF Southeast Asia: Implementing the Vision.

TitleICRAF Southeast Asia: Implementing the Vision.
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsGarrity D
ContactAuthorasb@cgiar.org, D.Garrity@cgiar.org
InstitutionInternational Centre for Research in Agroforestry, SEA Regional Research Programme
CityBogor, Indonesia
KeywordsConservation, forests, ICRAF, southeast asia
AbstractICRAF established a regional research program in Southeast Asia in April, 1992, trough a memorandum of agreement with the Indonesia Ministry of Forestry. A regional research coordinator was appointed in July, 1992, and assumed his post at the Forest Research and Development Center in Bogor on November 1. During the subsequent months, wide ranging consultations throughout Asia. From this process a focused strategy for ICRAF's work in the region has been evolving. This paper reviews the current status of our vision for Southeast Asia, and how we intend to accomplish it. It is presented as a proposal for constructive review and revision. The basic objective of the Southeast Asian Regional Research Program (SEARRP) is to implement ICRAF's mission in the context of the unique agroecological and institutional circumstances of the nations of southeastern Asia. Defined in ecological terms the region includes the continuum of humid, tropical environments that stretches from Indonesia and the Philippines in the south and east, trough Indochina and southern China, to Thailand, Myanmar, and the northeastern hill states of India. This is an exceedingly diverse and dynamic region. It includes several growing, self-confident economies, alongside some of the tropical rainforest (104m ha in Indonesia) and many countries dominated by denuded, wasted hilly lands whose forest is only a memory.