Global Overview

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ASB is the only global partnership devoted entirely to research on the tropical forest margins

The ASB Partnership conducts research at benchmark sites which span the humid tropics in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Currently there are active research projects in four countries Cameroon Indonesia, Peru, and Vietnam. Previous projects have also focused on Brazil, the Philippines and Thailand. Although the benchmark sites represent similar agro-ecological environments characteristic of the humid tropics, the varying socio-economic and political conditions found at each site make for valuable comparative analyses and cross-site learning. ASB partners at each site use participatory methods to understand land users’ problems and evaluate opportunities for alleviating them. They also engage in dialogue with local and national policy makers to explore their perceptions of needs. The aim is to develop innovations that will resolve conflicts over resources and promote their more sustainable and productive use. These innovations may be policies, institutional reforms or technologies—or more often a combination of the three.