A Three Dimensional Dynamic Model of Damar Agroforest in Sumatra (Indonesia).

TitleA Three Dimensional Dynamic Model of Damar Agroforest in Sumatra (Indonesia).
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsVincent G, Foresta H
Book TitleEnriquez GL, Wasrin UR and Murdiyarso D eds. Tropical Forest Dynamics.
CityBogor, Indonesia
Keywordsagroforest, competition, individual based-modelling, Indonesian forest fires, light, Sumatera
AbstractThe complex structure of the Damar agro forest illustrates the intense competition for light that goes on in their environment, in which other climatic factors are not limiting at most time of the year. To assess the importance of canopy openness which determines not only light distribution amongst individual trees but also other local microclimatic factors such as temperature and relative air humidity, a three-dimensional model was developed. This individual-based model simulates forest dynamics on the basis of establishment, growth and death of individual trees. Modeling is indeed a valuable tool to test the consistency of functioning hypothesis one can hardly test in the field given the lack of controlled conditions and given the long-term response one must expect in dealing with trees.