Forest and Agroecosystem Tradeoffs in the Humid Tropics.

TitleForest and Agroecosystem Tradeoffs in the Humid Tropics.
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsTomich T, Palm C
Series TitleA Crosscutting Assessment by the Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn Consortium (ASB).
Date PublishedDecember 2005
InstitutionASB-MA Status Report covering completion of ASB-MA pilot phase (2003) and incorporating assessment activities (2004)
KeywordsASB, MA, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, Tropical forests
AbstractFocusing on ecoregions nested within the humid tropical broad leaf forest biome, the aim is to conduct an assessment covering the ecoregions containing ASB benchmark sites in the Peruvian Amazon, the western Amazon of Brazil, an associated site in the eastern Amazon of Brazil, the Congo Basin of Cameroon, northern Thailand, and the islands of Sumatra in Indonesia and Mindanao in the Philippines. This ‘Tropical Forest Margins’ assessment will synthesize estimates of various indicators of environmental and developmental objectives for ASB benchmark sites spanning the humid tropics, and will endeavor to place these results within the broader context of relevant scientific evidence.