Enhancing Sloping Land Management Technology Adoption and Dissemination.

TitleEnhancing Sloping Land Management Technology Adoption and Dissemination.
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsMercado AR, Stark M, Garrity D
Book TitleFarmers' adoption of soil-conservation technologies. Proceedings of 9th Annual Meeting of the ASIA LAND Management of Sloping Lands Network
Series TitleIBRAMS Proceedings No. 17
CityBogor, Indonesia
KeywordsAlley cropping, erosion control, extension activities, innovation adoption, models, multipurpose trees, Sloping land, soil conservation, technology transfer
AbstractContour hedgerows of pruned leguminous trees have been promoted for almost two decades as a solution to the problem of sustainable crop production in the uplands. Despite the effort, adoption of the technology has not been widespread, due to various factors. Natural vegetative strips are a better alternative. Different extension models are described as a means to introduce the alternative to farmers in Claveria.