BNPP Project Description

Functional Value of Biodiversity

    Executive Summary - Project summary
    Synopsis - Objectives, approach and impacts (Jul 2002)

     Project Description

Efforts to 'mainstream' biodiversity have been frustrated by lack of scientifically based, comprehensive assessments of the functional contribution of biodiversity conservation to rural livelihoods and economic development. While there are many such functional contributions, one of the most frequently discussed is the contribution of conservation to maintenance of key hydrological processes. This project will assist the Bank and its clients in project development and policy analysis by:
  • Providing systematic assessments, for significant areas of the humid tropics, of the hydrological value of forests with biodiversity significance in promoting local livelihoods and resilience to economic and environmental shocks.
  • Assessing the nature, magnitude, geographical scope, and relation to poverty of these hydrological values and processes.
  • Forging a strategic partnership with the ASB (Alternatives to Slash and Burn) Consortium of CGIAR - affiliated research organizations and their local partners, linking their expertise in agronomy, forestry, biology, and hydrology with DEC expertise in poverty, economic geography, and environmental services and applying these tools to the operational and policy concerns.