Redução Da Poluição Causada Pela Fumaça Dos Incêndios Tropicais.

TitleRedução Da Poluição Causada Pela Fumaça Dos Incêndios Tropicais.
Publication TypePolicy Brief
Corporate AuthorsASB
Secondary TitleASB Policy Brief 04
Year of Publication2002
Date PublishedJune 2002
Publication LanguagePortuguese
AbstractSmoke is more than an uncomfortable side effect caused by land use in the humid tropics. It causes serious damage to health of the population, causing problems ranging from sore throat, watery eyes and breathing difficulties in the short term, even chronic asthma, emphysema, lung cancer and disease in the eyes and skin in the long term. Also included are high economic costs that are perceived immediately, in the form of absenteeism , closing of businesses, reduction in tourism, airport delays and accidents, not to mention the emergency measures, expensive and often useless, taken to eliminate fires.
KeywordsASB, fires, pollution, Smoke, tropics
Translated TitleReduction of pollution caused by smoke from fires Tropical.
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