Restoring the Functions of Watersheds.

TitleRestoring the Functions of Watersheds.
Publication TypePolicy Brief
AuthorsSwallow BM, van Noordwijk M
Secondary TitleASB PolicyBrief 09
PublisherASB Partnership
Year of Publication2008
Publication LanguageEnglish
AbstractWatershed functions are determined by a complex mix of natural factors – quantity and timing of rainfall, lay of the land, geology, soil types, and so on. But is should be equally clear that human interventions on the land can also affect those functions. For example, if water cannot percolate deep into the ground in some areas because the soil has been compacted by livestock or machinery, then stream flow during the dry season may be adversely affected. Or, if too much space is devoted to roads and paths, which serve as rapid drainage channels, then excessive rain run-off may cause flooding during the rainy season or block culverts and irrigation channels with sediments.
KeywordsAgriculture, agroforestry, Degradation, forest, land use, Modeling, SExI-FS, soil, WaNuLCAS, wateshed
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