Alternatives to Slash and Burn: A Global Initiative.

TitleAlternatives to Slash and Burn: A Global Initiative.
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsGarrity D, Khan A,
Series TitleSummary report of summary report of a research methodology workshop, 25 February to 8 March 1993 Bogor, West Java and Sitiung, West Sumatra, Indonesia.
InstitutionInternational Centre for Research in Agroforestry.
CityNairobi, Kenya:
Keywordsagroforestry, ASB, ICRAF
AbstractThe Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn (ASB) Programme is a global initiative designed to formulate a research and development strategy that will provide workable alternatives to unsustainable slash-and-burn agriculture worldwide. The programme involves a consortium of several international research centers and national research systems as well as local and international non-governmental organizations. Research on the biophysical and socioeconomic aspects of slash-and-burn, which will be conducted at selected benchmark sites in Africa, Latin America and Asia by a multidisciplinary team from the ASB consortium, provides the basis for developing and disseminating alternative sustainable production systems for the affected areas