Agents of Deforestation in Sumatra: The Big, the Small, and the Unaccounted (Miscounted).

TitleAgents of Deforestation in Sumatra: The Big, the Small, and the Unaccounted (Miscounted).
Publication TypeWorking Paper
AuthorsLewis J, Tomich T
PublisherASB Partnership
Place PublishedNairobi, Kenya
Year of Publication2002
Publication LanguageEnglish
AbstractThis paper examines the existing literature on Indonesian deforestation, focusing in particular on the island of Sumatra, where the highest national rates of deforestation have been recorded, and where two key ASB benchmark sites are located (in the provinces of Jambi and Lampung). The review uses as a base a spatial analysis performed by Danan Hadi (199?) of ICRAF Southeast Asia that calculates the areas of large projects in Sumatra, based on MoFEC and MoT maps from various years. The review also draws consistently from two key documents that provide what are (in the author’s view) the most comprehensive overviews of the situation to date. John Dick’s paper (1991) is based on reports by the Regional Physical Planning Program for Transmigration (RePPProT) which were compiled between 1984 and 1989, and which are considered to be the first relatively reliable and comprehensive biophysical data sets compiled for Indonesia. A review by Derek Holmes’ (2000) compares the 1980s RePPProT data with more recent data put together by the Badan Planologi of the MoFEC using satellite imagery dating from 1996-1998.
KeywordsASB, defoerstation, Indonesia, Sumatra
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