Map Identifies Most Vulnerable 'Spots' in the Wake of a Changing Climate

A new study matches future climate change ‘hotspots’ with regions already suffering chronic food problems to identify highly-vulnerable populations, chiefly in Africa and South Asia, but potentially in China and Latin America as well, where in fewer than 40 years, the prospect of shorter, hotter or drier growing seasons could imperil hundreds of millions of already

Counting the Cost of Land Use Change and REDD+ in Latin America

This article first featured on the International Center for Tropical Agriculture’s (CIAT) blog. Over 50 public administration officials and economists from 15 countries in Latin America benefited from one week training on calculating opportunity costs of land use change

Norway: rainforest protection efforts must work through corruption challenge

Corruption in poor countries shouldn't deter developed countries from supporting initial efforts to save the world's tropical forests, Norway's environment minister told Reuters. Erik Solheim said rich countries must be willing to take risks in supporting initiatives to slow deforestation and urged the

Lack of credible data in developing countries could hinder REDD+ progress

A study conducted in Panama found errors of up to 50% when compared with a reference emissions level, with the primary source of error being the mature forest carbon stock estimates.

Climate change and deforestation pose risk to Amazon rainforest

A recent study by Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE) and the UK's Met Office Hadley Centre shows that if forty percent of the Amazon were to be deforested, the rainforest ecosystem would pass a 'tipping point' that would trigger a feedback loop between fore

World's Least Developed Countries Fertile Ground for Green Economy

With their low-carbon profiles, rich natural assets, and promising policy initiatives, the world's 48 least developed countries are fertile areas for the growth of a green economy, according to a report released May 9 at the Fourth United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries in Istanbul.

ASB and IISD Develop Platform for South-South Exchange on REDD+

ASB and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) have developed a platform for building capacity for REDD+(reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation  in developing countries, as well as conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of carbon stocks) negotiators and stakeholders in Africa and Asia.

Another Missing Link in Climate Change Policy: Trees Outside Forests

To do justice to the range of options farmers in fact have to respond to climate change, we need an explicit representation of at least three types of climate that are feasible at any location: open-field agriculture climate maps (these we already have and they are labelled ‘climate maps’), medium tree cover or agroforestry climate maps, and full tree cover or forest climate maps.

A move from Land ‘Sparing’ to ‘Sharing’ will Balance the Forest - Agriculture Equation

Peter Minang', ASB Global Coordinator makes a presentation during ASB's Learning Event at Forest day 4 in Cancún ©Paul Stapleton

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