Submissions to the UNFCCC - Reference Emission Levels (REL)

REDD+ is a mechanism that aims to reward developing countries that avoid deforestation and/or implement activities that sequester carbon.

REALU methodology workshop

This week, ASB Partnership scientists are meeting in Bogor, Indonesia for a workshop to discuss and explore methodologies that can be used to effectively account for leakage, often seen as a situation where attempts to reduce carbon emissions from one place causes an increase in emissions in another place.

Synergy of REDD+ and Indonesia’s land-based NAMA commitment provides model

Indonesia now has a presidential decree on land-based NAMA, which converges to REALU (reducing emissions across all land uses), combining REDD+, peatland emission reduction, restocking of above- and-below ground carbon pool

Integrating agriculture and forestry in the landscape is key to reducing carbon emissions

A multifunctional approach to REDD (reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation) will be far more effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing food production than the practice of intensifying agriculture and sparing forests. Read more

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