Experts Discuss Success Factors for REDD+ Implementation in Developing Countries

The initiative to Reduce Emission from Deforestation and Land Degradation, plus the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests, and enhancement of carbon stocks in developing countries (REDD+) forged by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) holds great promise to efforts on tackling climate change.

IUCN's pro-poor REDD+ project in Cameroon

The pro-poor project, together with a number of NGO partners is developing a strategy for active stakeholder involvement. After a national training workshop was organised an agenda was developed for further activities aimed at influencing the national REDD-plus strategy. Many groups demand that their rights be respected but understanding of REDD-plus is in many cases lacking behind.

African and Asian decision makers to gain expert skills and knowledge on REDD+ planning

NAIROBI—May 2, 2011—Over 120 African and Asian government negotiators, land managers, representatives of non-government organizations and climate change scientists are meeting this month to enhance their skills and understanding of the REDD+ implementation process at regional workshops in Cameroon and Vietnam, hosted by the International Institute for Sustainable Development and the Altern

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