Parting Shot: Dennis Garrity, former ASB chair talks about the impact of the partnership

By Elizabeth Kahurani

Having been there since the inception of ASB Partnership in 1995, Dr Dennis Garrity took some time to give us his reflection on the impact of the partnership over the years and his best highlight moment as the chair. Read excerpts from his interview below and view the entire interview here

Lessons from forest adding countries compliment research evidence in developing countries

Common success factors for the countries studied were high level government support, forest governance reforms that addressed challenges in transparency and accountability as well as resolving the issue of secure tenure rights that facilitate community ownership.

Agriculture, Forests and Rights are key ingredients to reducing emissions

The type of agriculture practiced around a forest area, type of land users and the long-term agricultural drivers of land use change should inform an effective REDD design.

Study on Linking Knowledge with Action features ASB Partnership work

By Meine van Noordwijk and Elizabeth Kahurani

A boundary between science and politics is essential to give free enquiry a chance, but it also implies that the boundary must be bridged for new findings to be appreciated and used.

'Agroecosystems' can boost food security and protect the environment

Two new reports from the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) seek a new path toward achieving both food security and environmental health.

Grants to strengthen the adaptive capacities of small family farms in Africa

The AfricaAdapt network has launched the 3rd Edition of its AfricaAdapt Knowledge Sharing Innovation Fund that promotes local/endogenous knowledge and local knowledge sharing initiatives.The fund will offer grants of up to US$9,000 for adaptation activities and original knowledge sharing initiatives, for sharing knowledge about adaptation on a local scale.

Building Forest Carbon Projects: a Step-by-Step Guide

Published by Forest Trends, the Katoomba Incubator and EcoDecision, “Building Forest Carbon Projects” is a step-by-step guide to developing forest carbon projects, and it is supported by a series of chapters that provide in-depth guidance on technical, social and financial issues related to forest carbon projects.

Nominate a Forest Hero

Individuals dedicated to nurturing forests in communities all around the world have a chance to be recognized and awarded through the Forest Heroes Programme and Awards initiative by The United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) Secretariat. “By honoring ‘everyday people’, we would like to show that it is possible for everyone to make a positive change for forests,” notes the Secretariat.

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