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Uapaca kirkiana
Jaenicke, H.; Simons, A.; Maghembe, J.; Weber, J..  2000.  Domesticating Indigenous Fruit Trees for Agroforestry.. XXV International Horticultural Congress, Part 13: New and Specialized Crops and Products, Botanic Gardens and Human-Horticulture Relationship. Abstract
van Noordwijk, M.; Hairiah, K.; Woomer, PL; Murdiyarso, D..  1998.  Criteria and Indicators of Forest Soils used for Slash-and-Burn Agriculture and Alternative Land Uses in Indonesia.. The Contribution of Soil Science to the Development and Implementation of Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management. :137-154. Abstract
Thomas, D..  2006.  Basin Management in Northern Thailand: Emerging Lessons.. ETFRN News. (45-46 Winter 2005/06 Forests, water and livelihoods):22-25. Abstract
Tropical zones
Tropical rainforests
tropical rain forests
tropical rain forest
tropical pioneer tree
tropical margins
tropical hydrology/geomorphology
tropical forst