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Arifin B.  1998.  Does Shifting Cultivation Really Cause Deforestation? Lesson from Communal Forest Area in Sumatra, Indonesia. 'Crossing Boundaries", The Seventh Annual Conference of the International Association for The Study Of Common Property.. :20. Abstract
Centre WA.  2003.  SpatRain.. :Thismodelgeneratestimeseriesofrainfallthatisfullycompatiblewithexistingstation-levelrecordsofdailyrainfall.
Centre WA.  2003.  GenRiver: A Generic River Flow Model.. :Thisisamodelofriverflowinresponsetospatiallyexplicitrainfallandaplot-levelwaterbalance..
World Agroforestry Centre.  2003.  FALLOW: Forest, Agroforest, Low-value Landscape Or Wasteland? :Thisisanimpactassessmenttoolatlandscapeleveltohelpintegratelandscape-mosaic-resourceinteractions.. Abstract