ASB Global Coordination Office

ASB Global Coordination Office

The ASB global coordination office (GCO) has pivotal roles in coordinating research, and leading synthesis, communication, and translation of ASB research results into global public goods to be used by a variety of audiences. The ASB GCO is hosted by The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), in Nairobi, Kenya.

ASB GCO staff:


Peter Akong Minang, PhD 

Science Domain Co-Leader,  Environmental Services & 

Global Coordinator, ASB Partnership for the Tropical Forest Margins  

Peter A Minang is a senior scientist and Global Coordinator of the ASB Partnership for the Tropical Forest Margins at The World Agroforestry Centre. He is a geographer with over 15years of diverse experience working on conservation, community forestry and climate change forestry. His current research interests are on reducing emissions from all land use and REDD+ at the tropical forest margins and the dynamics of enabling joint planning and implementation of mitigation and adaptation to climate change in Africa. He has served in various advisory roles on climate change for African Governments, Regional Bodies and organizations.

Florence Benard

Florence Bernard

Programme Associate

Florence Bernard is a Programme Associate with the Global Coordination Office of the ASB Partnership for Tropical Forest Margins, based in Nairobi, Kenya.

She is involved in a number of global action research projects focusing on REDD+ and landscape approaches to reduced emissions from all land uses, low carbon development pathways, policy and institutional options to support REDD+ negotiators and land managers.She holds an MSc in Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University (the Netherlands) with a focus on ecosystem services valuation and financing and an MSc in Agronomy and Rural development from the National School of Agronomy and Food Industries (France).

Prior to joining the ASB partnership in 2010, she worked for 4 years as an environmental consultant for multi and bilateral donors in the domains of environmental and water planning, integrated natural resource management, public policy and international cooperation.

Joyce M Kasyoki, MBA, UK

Joyce M Kasyoki, MBA, UK

Manager, Projects and Programme Administration

Joyce has a Master of Business Administration, MBA (Project Management) from the University of Sunderland, UK. Her major roles and responsibilities include providing innovative projects management and administrative support to Science Domain 5, Environmental Services at the WorldAgroforestry Centre and the ASB-Partnership Global Coordination office. She is the budget focal person for the different projects being implemented under SD5-HQ. She coordinates logistics, organizes and executes highly interactive, regional and international meetings, workshops for the science domain globally.

Lalisa Duguma

Lalisa Duguma

Postdoctoral Fellow

Lalisa Duguma is a Postdoctoral Fellow with the ASB Partnership for the Tropical Forest Margins and World Agroforestry Centre based in Nairobi Kenya. He is a forester and agroforester by training and has over 10 years of experience working on people-forest interactions, deforestation and forest degradation, the economics of rural land uses, dryland ecology, sustainable natural resources management and on-farm plant ecology.

Currently he is mainly working on synergies and trade-offs between climate change mitigation and adaptation measures in the land use sector, landscape multifunctionality metrics, landscape approaches to emission reduction, REDD+, environmental services and related fields of research. Prior to joining ASB-ICRAF, he worked at various international and national organizations such as Bioversity International, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU), among others.

Elizabeth Kahurani

Elizabeth Kahurani

Communications Manager

Elizabeth is Communications Manager for Environmental Services Science Domain at the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) and the ASB Partnership for the Tropical Forest Margins. She has over seven years’ experience working as a Communications Specialist with research institutions. She is mainly responsible for Knowledge generation and dissemination with particular focus on building bridges between science and its target audience –>decision/policymakers, media, communities and general public.

This involves science writing and messaging in various appropriate formats, including traditional, new/social media and Web 2.0. She coordinates publication production process for all publications produced in the unit, including the development, review and publishing of journal special issues and books. She also manages communication and publicity at high level policy events including at the UNFCCC where she has facilitated collaboration with CGIAR and other key institutions to enhance outreach.

ASB is a partnership with global representation and presence in Southeast Asia, West Africa and Latin America where benchmark sites have been established to conduct relevant research pilot studies. Elizabeth works to enhance collaboration between the various teams through various knowledge management tools and platforms.

Olivia Freeman

Research Fellow

Olivia Freeman is an interdisciplinary researcher with a background in resource management and sustainable development. Currently, she is a Research Fellow with the ASB Partnership for the Tropical Forest Margins and the Environmental Services Science Domain at the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), based in Nairobi, Kenya. In this position she engages in policy-relevant, action research spanning a range of topics including, looking for synergies between mitigation and adaptation in agriculture- and forest-based landscape mosaics, identifying low-emission development pathways and addressing drivers of deforestation by taking a landscape approach. She holds an M.Sc. from the University of British Columbia in Resource Management and Environmental Studies.

ASB GCO activities include:

  • Global synthesis of ASB results for scientists and policymakers
  • Promotion and Communication of ASB research to international, regional and national audiences
  • Efficient coordination and support for effective governance, including support to the ASB Global Steering Group (GSG).
  • Facilitation of research planning and standardization of methods to ensure cross-site comparability
  • Lead fundraising for global activities.
  • Support to ASB partners' programmes including fundraising, capacity building, and programme grants to partners .

These functions provide key 'glue' in binding together the partnership and, particularly, in producing global public goods. Examples of communications products include our publications, our website and the ASB e-newsletter. However, the global coordination office accounts for only a small portion of the activity of the many partners in this large and complex consortium.